Before we know about immunity boosters, let us know about the definition of immunity.

The ability of our internal system to resist a particular infection or disease or toxin is called immunity. The internal system which takes an action of immunity are specific antibodies or sensitized white blood corpuscles (WBC).

female under stress, Stress immunity weakener

How do we know if we have weak immunity?

Let’s see if we have these signs.

1) Stress is a major sign, if it occurs many times in a day. 2) If we tire out easily.3) If we catch Cold many times. 

4) If wounds take time to Heal. 5) If we have Tummy  problems. If these signs are very familiar then we know its time to build our immunity. We can boost our immunity by drinking herbal tea or immune boosting tea or ginger tea. I have also listed fruits and foods that boost immune system. 

female taking sun tan, vitamin D
  1. Do you eat Meat?
  2. Do you Smoke?
  3. Do You Exercise regularly?

If you are doing some of the above then its time you know some details. Click the below button to know. Yes as the picture suggests, Immunity can be boosted with Sun rays. However the question is How can you naturally boost Immunity?

Lemongrass, Ginger, Basil immune boosting Drinks

What is Best Immune Boosting Drinks?

Its a Tonic/Drink containing different ingredients which you can readily find in your home. What are the different ingredients required and how to make it? Well the recipe is the most important thing and we have written for than 7 recipes to boost immune system. Click on the above link to know more.

female eating fruits

What are the Fruits that Boost Immune System?

All fruits which contain vitamin E and C are good for Immunity. Now definitely we want to ask what are the names of those fruits? Well, click the above link to know more on fruits that boost immune system. We have listed more than 30 fruits which boost immune system.

female eating tomato, Immunity Boosting Foods

What are the foods which boost immune system?

Well Immunity is very important to us. Therefore we have listed more than 15 Food Items which are great for immune system. Immunity begins at home. Therefore eating proper food can do wonders. Want to know which are those food items? Click on the above link to know more.

Female drinking Immune Boosting Tea

What is the most consumed drink in the world? 

Yes it is water. But do we know, whats the second most consumed drink? Well its Tea. There are more that 20+ Tea varieties which we have listed. So the best Immune Boosting Tea are given in the above link. Click on the link to know about it. Also give us your valuable feedback on it.

Female drinking Immune Boosting Tea

What is Herbal Tea?

Tea made up of herbs like Ginseng, Kombucha, Matcha, Sencha, etc., are Herbal Tea. We have listed 30+ Herbal Tea Recipes for immune boosting. Click on the above link to know more.

ginger honey tea

How to make Ginger Tea?

We have over 10+ varieties of Ginger tea. Ginger is very popular for its medicinal properties and hence used world wide. Well click on the above link to know more.

ginger cheese grater

How to grate Ginger?

Ginger is a spice and has lot of medicinal values, therefore used in cooking worldwide. We have listed 5+ Ways on grating Ginger, click on the link above to know more.

ginger vinegar

How to Store Ginger?

Ginger is widely used as a medicine and a great spice with qualities. Hence it is essential to store it. We have over 10+ best and easy ways to store ginger. Click on the above link to know more.

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  1. Your content is more informative as you used easy language and explained step by step..so it is easy to understand.
    People including me do not know what is immunity?
    What’s the use of it? And how to increase immunity?
    Got the answers to my questions.
    In this pandemic situation of covid 19. Everyone should know how to increase immunity?
    I hope that u will share more information in future.
    So people can improve their diet to protect from diseases.
    I think there is no need to visit dieticians if we follow what you suggest.

    1. yes we have different sections, hope you have gone through it. I m also working on more sections which will be published soon.. thank you for your input…

  2. I was suffering with cold n itchy throat I have tried above remedies of ginger with warm water n lemon juice..It’s really very effective..Thanks for sharing such an useful information.

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