Arizona iced tea

Arizona Iced Tea

How to make Arizona iced tea? (Alcoholic/Non alcoholic herbal Iced Tea) Arizona Ice tea (1) is an immune boosting homemade tea. When you feel like catching a cold, this drink will help in immunity if you have it hot. The above picture is of a canned iced tea from Arizona, which is available in all …

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twisted iced tea

Twisted Iced Tea

How to make Twisted iced tea at home?      ( Ice Tea Alcoholic/Non alcoholic) This is a tipsy tea. When you want to party hard and also, want the necessary nutrition’s. Help yourself with a twisted ice tea. Boston Beer company (1) had introduced a similar named drink in 2001 and was marketed in …

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hard iced tea

Hard Iced Tea

Hard Iced Tea :-     (Ice Tea Non alcoholic/Alcoholic Drinks) The word hard iced tea (1) itself suggests that the tea will be strong in taste. Also you can toggle between Non alcoholic/Alcoholic drinks, non alcoholic tea can be used as a cold eliminator. If you want to make alcoholic drink with cold elimination properties then …

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coco ice tea

Coco Ice tea

3)   Coco ice Tea  ( Iced tea alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks )    Coco ice Tea, also known as coconut iced tea (1). It is a refreshing alcoholic tea and non alcoholic tea. As this is made with alcohol, we many times mention it as iced tea alcoholic drinks. The non alcoholic version is even good for …

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Tea for Colds

Best tea for colds Before we know about the best tea for colds, let’s know about why we catch a cold. The primary reason why we catch cold is when the cold virus enters our body through the nose, mouth, or eyes. This happens when we shake hands or touch contaminated things which some sick …

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