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Herbal Tea

Tisanes, better known as Herbal Tea, they are an infusion of herbs, plants, leaves, flowers, or spices, or some of these mixed with water. They are free from caffeine, hence very popular with people who don’t like caffeine.

This word originated from Greek ptisánē which means ‘peeled barley.’ Most of these Tisanes are safe to drink with a lot of medicinal values. The only health warning would be as all crops are exposed to pesticides; hence while preparing, cleaning thoroughly is important. Alternatively, buying from malls or online could be considered instead of local shops.

Most of these plant-based tea have natural antioxidants and hence very good for health. Some plant-based tea have been found to cure diabetes, cancer, weight loss, sinus, etc., While others are used as a refreshing drink or digestive drink. In many countries, some of these herbal tea are consumed daily, as they are good in immunity. So I hope you find the best according to your flavor or use and do comment on how was your experience?. 

Butterfly Pea Flower tea herbal tea

butterfly pea flower tea

Butterfly Pea Flower tea is also better known as Blue tea because of its blue color. This color is due to its petals of the flower Clitoria. An amazing fact about it is the color changes in accordance with the substance (PH value) added to it. So if you add lemon, it will change its color to purple. Therefore its a great drink to experiment on, try adding new substances and enjoy new colors and unique taste.

Butterfly Pea flower tea is a plant-based tea, very refreshing drink and can be served hot and cold. Hot is generally served before a meal, and cold is after a meal. This plant-based tea has become so popular in Southeast Asia that Starbucks has included this in their menu.

The benefits of this plant-based tea are also numerous. The Polyphenols available are Anthocyanins (1, 2), responsible for their anti-inflammatory compounds (3). They can even lower glucose levels (4) in our bloodstream. Catechins (5) found in these tea are beneficial for weight loss and many more. So the waiting is over get this drink over the weekend to enjoy with your friends. Butterfly pea flower tea recipe has a link below.

Dandelion herbal Tea

dandelion tea

Dandelion got its name from the French version of ‘teeth of the Lion’. As the flowers of this plant resembles the canine teeth of a lion. Dandelion is a plant wherein leaves and flowers are used to make tea, and roots are used to make tea, coffee, wine, or beer. Even the milky white juice of the stem are used to make rubber.

This plant-based tea has been useful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes (1), urinary tract infection in females (2). Its also good in the treatment of breast cancer (3) and many more. Therefore very nutritions, good to include as an Immune booster. People generally drink this for its very amazing nutrition values 

Echinacea Tea

echinacea tea

Echinacea is a beautiful, colorful, and fragrant flowering plant. They are generally found in eastern and central North America (2). Echinacea found its name in history very late as compared to other herbs that is in the 18th century. 

Echinacea plant-based tea is used for various purposes, which include septic, cold, and flu issues(1). As they have antimicrobial (3) and antiviral compounds, they are also used in the healing process.

Echinacea plant-based tea is found to be a mood booster. The fragrance decreases stress and activates dopamine, thus taking you to another level of enjoying it. So its a drink to enjoy with your loved ones, especially. Well, the wait is over, check out our recipe and enjoy this weekend over a cup of Echinacea Tea. 

Essiac Tea

Tea for Colds

Essiac is not so popular, as claims with regards to this were not proved. In 1922 Rene Caisse claimed she acquired this formula from a person, and this formula treats cancer (1).

But a study conducted on this could not prove it. Hence its just an ordinary Tea with limited benefits; the name origin is Caisse’s name spelled backward (2). We neither recommend nor suggest, it’s upon each individual to make his own decision to drink or not.

Ginseng Tea

ginseng tea

Ginseng roots resemble the legs of human beings; the botanical name Panax (5) means “all-healing” in Greek. Ginseng is cultivated in many parts of the world, but its believed to be originating from China (6). This herb introduced some 5000 years back was believed to cure ED (7)

The claims are also valid; hence, the popularity and the uses are not limited to one but many. Due to its rarity, in America, harvesting of Ginseng is according to specific laws and regulations (8) certain conditions. Ginseng plant-based tea benefits are too many; it assists in curing a lot of ailments, even cancer. So try it once to know the goodness of this herb.

Kombucha Tea

how to make kombucha tea

Kombucha Tea originated some 2000 years back in China (10) and is growing in popularity all over the world. The preparation of Kombucha requires a symbiotic relationship between bacteria and yeast called Scoby. The color varies from light to dark, depending on the amount of black Tea mixed with it. 

Anyone who drinks this has his version of taste and smell. Some say its smells like beer and tastes like Vinegar. Some say it smells like wine and tastes like apple cider. So try it to experience your smell and taste. This drink is full of antioxidants, probiotics, and Vitamin B. However; this is popular for its taste and smell and not for its claims on health benefits.

Lemon Balm Tea

how to make lemon balm tea

Lemon balm found its way in history some 2000 years back by Greeks and Romans. This plant has many medicinal properties and also used to attract bees. Its also used in aromatherapy, perfumes, ice creams, candies, and fish dishes (9). Its good for digestion and sound sleep.

Matcha Tea

how to make matcha tea

Matcha plant-based tea is a delicacy made from Camellia sinensis (11); these are leaves of a shaded plant. The selection process itself is for the best leaves of this plant. The grinding process also is done with great care to keep the aroma intact.

The quality of the leaves powder is so good that its used in food, ceremonies, and daily consumption is recommended. Introduced by Japanese Monks in the 12th century this plant-based tea has many benefits. So let’s have this plant-based tea tomorrow and see the benefits ourselves. Check out the recipe and benefits by clicking below.

Nettle Stinging Herbal Tea

how to make nettle tea

Urtica Dioica, or more commonly known as Nettle (11), was introduced as a fabric. Later due to its medicinal properties were used as a Tea. Stinging Nettle tea is beneficial mostly for flushing toxins out of our bodies. Famous in the west, this plant-based tea has a lot of useful properties. Click on the link below to know the recipe and benefits.

Passion Flower Tea

how to make passion flower tea

Passionflower is a native to North America botanical name Passiflora (12). The name also suggested that it’s a mood relaxer, hence suggested to drink before retiring to bed. It also has many more health benefits, click on the link to know more.

Pau d'Arco Herbal Tea

how to make pau d'arco

Pau D’ Arco is a tree, and its bark is used as an herb in Tea called Lapacho or Taheebo. Generally found in south and central America and used in curing a lot of ailments (13), which includes cancer (14). Though medical science has not supported this claim of cancer but still other beneficial properties have made this plant-based tea popular.  

Pu' Er or Pu'Erh Tea

how to make pu-erh Tea

Pu-er tea originated from China, and it is a fermented tea. It is kept for maturing in airtight jars before use and, therefore, labeled to know its year of manufacturing. This Tea is used as anti-aging (15) and detoxification. So its worth a try for its detox agents, have it, and let us know how you felt in the comments below.

Rooibos Herbal Tea
how to make rooibos tea

Aspalathus linearis, better known as Rooibos, which in other words means Redbush has mostly grown in South Africa (17). The taste and medicinal properties have got this plant-based tea all over Europe and less consumed in the local market. 

This polyphenol (16) rich powder had become a livelihood for many South African families. Those who cultivated it and then sold in the market. This excellent plant may soon find its extinction in the next century due to limited rainfall in that region. So drink this Tea and enjoy the taste before it becomes a rare species.

Rose Hip Tea
how to make rosehip tea

The Rose Haw, Rose Hep, Rosehip, or Rose Hip are all different names to one plant. This plant’s fruit differs from red to orange and sometimes dark purple to black. This Vitamin C (18) rich fruit are used in jam, jelly, syrups, vine, and many more things. Oil extracted out of the seeds are used to make perfume. 

So what are we waiting for? This beautiful colored plant-based tea is waiting for us, drink it, and write in the comments, your experience.

Sage Tea
how to make sage tea

Garden Sage, Culinary Sage, Common Sage, and many more names are all names to botanical named Salvia Officinalis (18). It is an evergreen subshrub with purple to blue flowers. 

Used for centuries and known for its healing properties (19) and can be grown in most of the places. This plant has been popular even for assisting in lowering sugar levels (20) and in the treatment of Alzheimer’s (21). So let’s have this wonderful plant-based tea and enjoy the amazing healing properties.


Sencha Tea
how to make sencha tea

Sencha is believed to be originating from China, but this is more popular in Japan (22). This plant-based tea is prepared by infusion of the leaves in water rather than the process of making Matcha. 

The color is greenish; however, it may change according to the temperature of water in it. The flavor varies according to the season of plucking the leaves and the place where it is harvested. Its taken hot in the winter period and cool in the summer months. So it is recommended to buy Tea from Japan rather than from china as quality differs. The benefits are similar to Matcha. Well trying is better than waiting, so lets try.

Senna Tea
senna tea

Senna tea is used mostly for laxative and weight loss and grown all over the world due to its adaptive nature to grow under most circumstances. This plant-based tea is not so popular as the uses are limited, so if you have constipation (23), now you know what to take instead of a pill.

Spearmint Herbal Tea
how to make Spearrmint tea

Garden mint, common mint, mackerel mint, etc., are all Spearmint, botanically called Mentha Spicata (24). Mentha spicata is found in many places and is a local to Europe, southern Asia, and south China. 

It is a wonder plant used in many purposes like soap, toothpaste, gums, candies, shampoo, also to reduce the tumor, in beverages, etc. Rich in antioxidants (25), this plant is immensely popular, and the Tea should be drunk atleast once a week. So friends share this plant-based tea with your near and dear ones and enjoy the flavor.

Yerba Mate Tea
how to make yerba mate tea

Ilex Paraguariensis, better known as Yerba mate and believed to be originating from Brazil (28). Mate is famous as a health food and sold in many U.S., Europe, and Australian malls. 

Believed to be a weight loss product and enhancer for exercise (27). Also a great immune booster (26), so what are you waiting for, get this energizing plant-based tea and play a sport to stay fit. Comment below to let us know how you felt after this drink.

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how to make rosehip tea

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