iced tea brands

Iced tea brands

Best iced tea brands across the world are many (2), I would like to name a few which you can get at any online store or a supermarket. Foremost when you go for shopping tea leaves what you must not search is tea bags. Now tea bags are processed many times and hence the actual vitamins are lost. So search for whole tea leaf, they are little more in cost but comes with natural anti oxidants. So here I will mention both whole leaf, conventional tea leaves, and canned or bottled iced tea. Well what I suggest here is making your own iced tea.

#1 Arizona Iced Tea

Arizona iced tea

This is an American iced tea brand located in Newyork. They have Lemon, Mango, and Ginseng (9) as a popular flavor and was started in the year 1992 (10). They are available online. A lawsuit was filed for their ginseng ice tea(12) as private research does not show any signs of ginseng. Still its the most preferred drink in many countries.

#2 Pure Leaf Tea

pure leaf iced tea brand

Pure Leaf is a brand from Lipton a company owned by Uniliver (1). Their canned or bottled drinks is a joint venture with Pepsico. A company started in 1871 by Thomas Lipton who started many business and one being tea. He purchased tea garden in Srilanka and then packaged and shipped all across  the world.

#3 Iced tea brands - Gold Peak Iced tea

gold peak tea

This iced tea brand is owned by Coca Cola (3) launched in 2009, made in many flavors mainly preferred in Lemon. Available in most of the stores in US, UK and worldwide. Good taste and a very offered drink, you must try once. 

#4 Iced tea brands - Snapple

Snapple tea

Snapple is a U.S based tea brand company deriving its name from two words Snappy and Apple (13). Snapple also printed something like “Real facts” and gave information of facts around the world. Some were right, some were wrong, and some were misleading. Some of their popular flavors are peach, Orange, and apple, available online.

#5 Iced tea brands - Lipton Diet

lipton iced tea

Lipton has a great hold on iced tea brands, its many brands top the tea supply chain throughout the world. Initially started with 2 flavors then introduced many more flavors. 

Crystal Light Iced Tea brand
Crystal Light iced tea

Crystal company has three popular ice tea Peach, Raspberry, and Pomegranate. However, Raspberry is said to be discontinued. They have pitcher packs (340 or 565 ml). This brand faced some difficulty as they were using artificial flavors, and because of that, some side effects were detected. But later came through and now available online.

Kirin iced tea
Kirin tea

This is not so popular for ice tea; however, they make Straight ice tea and Lemon ice tea which is the most popular among the others they make. It’s a Japanese company from the group of Mitsubishi. Kirin generally is into Lager beer manufacturing called as Kirin Lager one of the oldest beer in Japan started in 1888.

Dammann Freres tea
Dammann Freras tea

This is a French tea (4) and goes long back in history in the year of 1692 when it started, then founded in 1925 (5). They have passion fruit, lychee, apple, and kiwi as their popular flavor. This again is not so popular on the net hence you have to buy from their website.

Caykur tea

Caykur is a Turkey (3) based company and makes ice tea by the famous name DiDi. They have two popular flavors, Lemon and Bergamot ( a variety in Orange) 250ml and 500ml. Their ice tea is sold mainly in Turkey, and dried leaves are available online throughout the world.

Learn how to make ginseng tea? This is one of the most popular tea in the world having many health benefits.

Grasp the making of tea for colds,this tea is very good when you catch a cold. So what are you waiting for, click the link and enjoy the tea.

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