How To Make Echinacea Tea


Echinacea nutritional value:-

Alkylamides, Polysaccharides, Echinacoside, Ketoalkenes, and Cichoric acid (1), inulin-type fructans (ITFs)(2)

How do you make Echinacea tea?


  • 1-2 flowers of the Echinacea plant or 2-3 leaves or 1-2 small roots of the Echinacea plant or the packet you get from the market.
  • 1-2 cups of water or as desired, will depend on what you have taken; this is for flowers.


  • Echinacea can be made from leaves, flowers, or roots. We recommend flowers or leaves or buying from the market. As the roots give a little sour taste. Also, if you use the roots, then you have to plant and grow all from scratch. 
  • Clean the flower or leaves, or the root of an Echinacea plant.
  • Crush it to make a paste.


  • Take a steel pot or earthen pot.
  • Then pour 1-2 cups of water or as per the desired quality.
  • Add the paste of flowers, or leaves, or roots of the Echinacea plant.
  • Heat it till it boils. 
  • Soak the contents (steep) 15minutes and simmer for another 5 minutes.
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into the cup.
  • Also, I would recommend adding honey as a sweetener.
  • Drink it sip by sip and enjoy it.   

    Benefits of Echinacea tea.

    1. Echinacea tea prevents the flu (3).
    2. Echinacea tea control blood sugar.
    3. Echinacea tea is helpful in healthy cell growth.
    4. Echinacea tea decreases the danger of bosom malignant growth.
    5. Echinacea tea reduces anxiety.
    6. Echinacea tea maintains blood pressure.
    7. Echinacea tea reduces inflammation.

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