How to make Essiac Tea

Essiac tea

Essiac tea originated from Canada; four herbs that are typically used to make Essiac tea are Burdock root, Sheep sorrel, Slippery elm, and Indian rhubarb root.

How to make Essiac tea?


  • Stainless steel pot.
  • 4-cups of water.
  • 2-cups of clean and fresh Essiac herbs.


  • Take a stainless steel pot.
  • Include 4 cups of water or as desired.
  • Add 2 cups of clean and fresh Essiac herbs.
  • Cover it and boil for 10 minutes on medium flame.
  • Let it cool for 4-5 hours.
  • Preserve the Essiac tea in a clean jar or bottle.
  • Use Essiac tea in a dilute medium.
  • In a cup of boiled water, add 2 tbsp Essiac tea.

           This is the way you make Essiac tea.

           Believed benefits of Essiac tea, no claims proved yet.

  1. Essiac tea reduces cancer.
  2. Essiac tea reduces inflammation.
  3. Essiac tea increases detoxification.
  4. Essiac tea improves immunity.

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