Should I take turmeric on an empty stomach

should i take turmeric on empty stomach

Turmeric on an empty stomach, is good or bad?

So should I take turmeric on an empty stomach? Is asked by many. The answer is obviously yes (2). However, there is a method for its intake.

Take a glass of water, heat it till it boils, then pour it in a glass and two pinches of turmeric and sip it slowly. Turmeric is also advisable to be taken at night with milk it gives sound sleep, removes stress and fatigue.

I would also advise taking turmeric tea if you are addicted to the usual tea then this tea is good for bones too. Turmeric properties (click here ).

When you get up in the morning, you feel to sleep again. That drowsiness in you is a normal transition for your mind to come out of sleep. Turmeric (1)plays a vital role in assisting you to come out of it fast. Turmeric is rich in minerals and vitamins; hence the necessary dopamine required for you is given to feel fresh.

In ancient history, turmeric played an important role in healing wounds. Nobody paid heed to its other properties then, now with all the research done. Scientists have discovered that it can even assist in healing cancer cells. The healing property of this herb is such that it can be used in the healing of chickenpox, liver, urinary tract infections, etc.


Morning Tea Recipe

Ingredients :-

1) one pinch of turmeric

2) half a teaspoon of lemon

3) One pinch of ginger paste

4) 500ml of water

5) Green tea leaves

Process  :-

1) Put ginger pinch and green tea leaves in water. Heat water till it boils

2) Strain the liquid

3) Put one pinch of turmeric and half a teaspoon of lemon

4) Sip it slowly while it’s warm.

This is not the usual tea however, this can help you to get rid of the usual tea. This has natural antioxidants, which is far better than the usual tea. For turmeric properties and uses, click here.

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